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We offer a wide variety of Metagenics and Integrative Therapeutics supplements for both adults and children. Some of the ones we commonly have in the office are multivitamins, Omegas, Vitamin C and D, CoQ10, probiotics, muscle relaxers, as well as mental clarity support and menstrual cramp relief. We also have access to many more that aren't listed. All of our products are manufactured with high-quality, research based, and most importantly natural ingredients. All products are non-gmo, dairy/gluten/allergen free.


Click here to take our  Wellness Assessment with Metagenics to determine what, if any, supplements you may need.  Supplements can be purchased at our office or directly through Metagenics Website, use Practitioner Code: dfc1.


Always ask your doctor before starting a new supplement.


We also carry Biofreeze Professional in Gel, Spray, and Roll on.

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